Sunday, July 19, 2009

BBQ Chicken

Easy summer meals around here come in the form of BBQ. We are basically spending as little time as possible inside, making it possible to ignore the mess my house has become since I lost all motivation to clean it in June. BBQ chicken is great because it is easy and requires not prep or marinating. I BBQ it two ways, both start with a whole chicken. I am going to start with Beer Butt Chicken because it is so easy and delicious!

Beer Butt Chicken


1 whole chicken, giblets removed
1/2 beer in can
Cayenne (if desired)


1. Season chicken with salt, pepper and cayenne according to your families preference.

2. Place beer can on grill and slide chicken on top so the chicken is standing upright. Grill on low indirect heat for about 1 hour and 15 min.

Grill note: Heat the grill up ahead of time, depending on what type of BBQ you have. If you have a gas grill, place the chicken over the center burner and cook with only the left and right burners lit and cover. If you are using charcoal or wood, move the coals to form a circle around the chicken and cover.



My apologies for my absence, it has been a crazy summer so far! In the morning we have been getting as much as possible done around the house (which never amounts to much) and then after nap, head off to the beach until it is almost dinner time. This hasn't left me much time to cook, let alone post recipes or even check my email. I am just now starting to get over a nasty summertime cold and getting back into my regular routine. Having Jeff home from work for the summer (he is a teacher) has made for all play and no work around here. We are off to Maui on Tuesday and wont be returning until the first week of August. I have recipes backlogged and hope to get a few up before we go, if not, I will try to post while we are on vaca but I don't know how much patience I have for a dial up connection! Hope you are having as much fun this summer as we are here! Aloha for now...