Friday, April 10, 2009

First Tastes

Hayden is now 18 months old.  Recipes I have posted so far, are the foods he has been eating more recently.  When I started feeding Hayden solids at 6 months, I batch cooked purees and froze them.  His first food after rice cereal was sweet potato, then banana, carrots, apple and other non-green veggies (a recommendation from my pediatrician).

How I did it:

1. Steam or bake the fruit or vegetable.
2. Mash or puree, adding cooking liquid or water to achieve the consistency I wanted
3. Spoon into ice cube trays
4. Freeze and transfer to freezer bags
5. Label and store for up to six weeks

Some of Hayden's favorite combinations:

Sweet potato, parsnip and potato puree
Cheesy potato, spinach and broccoli puree
Pear and blueberry puree
Potato, leek and pea puree
Carrot and apple puree

His absolute favorite when he was an infant and now, avocado.  

Sometimes Hayden would spit out a food he had previously loved.  Around 8 months, Hayden lost his taste for sweet potato.  In order to "trick" him into eating it, I would get a spoon full of sweet potato and then dip it in vanilla yogurt.  It sounds gross, but he loved it and I was happy because he was getting a the goodness of sweet potato disguised as yogurt.

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