Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ambiance, Presentation and the Food


I quickly learned that my son felt the same way I did about eating meals.  I don' t like to eat alone, so when it is time for Hayden to eat, I sit and eat with him or at least sit with him.  This has been one of the most effective things I have tried.  If I am getting dinner ready or washing dishes, Hayden is watching me and not paying attention to his meal.  When I sit, he can focus and eats better than ever.  In the same spirit of my childhood, we turn off the TV and the phone and stay seated together until everyone is done.


If food doesn't look good, you are already questioning how it tastes before you take your first bite.  Food can be beautiful.  Bright colors and unique shapes are naturally occurring in fresh foods, I try to use that to my full advantage.

My favorite mama, Roon, taught me that little ones do better with little food.  Too much food on the plate is overwhelming for little kiddos, so I limit what I put in front of Hayden to a few tablespoons and then reload.

The Food

A great meal doesn't have to take all day.  Food can be delicious and fun, just start with key ingredients and see where they take you.  Stay tuned for where the foods in my fridge take me.

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